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About SkyMaxx Mas

What Sets Us Apart

SkyMaxxMas was started in 2015 by Kison Ventor. Kison who goes by the name of Keyy Sky Maxx is a Grenadian born and bred talented DJ, entrepreneur by his own rights, and carnival enthusiast. It is from his love of music (mostly soca), good times and friendship combined with rum SkyMaxxMas was born. With a name like SkyMaxxMas it speaks for itself! The sky is the limit and we are here to give you our maximum effort. SkyMaxxMas draws its inspiration from the beautiful islands surrounded by the majestically blue Caribbean Sea. From animals both land cruising and air soaring, to plants and flowers, to culture including food, fun and lifestyle. There is no limit to where inspiration can be drawn.

With being eight years invested SkyMaxxMas has already participated in New York's Labor Day Parade, Miami Broward Carnival, Atlanta DeKalb Carnival, Trinidad Carnival and Grenada's Spice Mas. The ultimate goal of SkyMaxxMas is to provide our Maxxeraders with endless vibes, a plethora of good memories and most importantly alluring costumes! In the future with your continuous support we anticipate taking our designs to a carnival near you.

Until we meet on de road remember "Is Mas We Come To Play".

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